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Children who have difficulty focusing, sitting still, and listening may suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). At Lake Area Pediatrics, board-certified pediatrician Murray Fershtman, MD, evaluates children and adolescents for attention problems and provides help with ADHD and school failure. If you suspect your child may have ADHD, call the office in Montgomery, Texas, or book an evaluation online today.


ADHD & School Failure Q & A

Boy sitting on school steps

What is ADHD and school failure?

ADHD impacts your child’s ability to focus. This brain disorder usually begins in childhood and makes it hard for a person to sit quietly and pay attention, including at school.

ADHD can affect your child’s grades, social relationships, and conduct.

The neurodevelopmental disorder affects up to 11% of school-age children and may continue into adulthood.

What behaviors suggest ADHD and school failure?

If your child has ADHD, they may demonstrate distractibility, inattention, forgetfulness, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. In a classroom, your child may:

  • Have trouble with organization
  • Show an inability to follow instructions
  • Fidget and squirm in their seat
  • Avoid tasks that require focus
  • Interrupt others

These behaviors can affect your child’s performance in the classroom, as well as their social relationships.

Lake Area Pediatrics offers the skills, experience, and tools to diagnose your child’s ADHD. If they’re exhibiting any of these behaviors, it’s important to schedule an evaluation.

Girl with ADHD

How are ADHD and school failure diagnosed?

If you’re concerned that your child may have ADHD or attention deficit disorder (ADD), Dr. Fershtman can conduct a thorough evaluation of their school performance and behavior.

He makes a diagnosis based on teacher and parent rating scales, as well as on detailed interviews with both you and your child. He also rules out any other possible causes of behavior concerns, such as learning disabilities or anxiety.

How are ADHD and school failure managed?

After making an ADHD diagnosis, Dr. Fershtman can prescribe effective and safe medications to help your child focus and improve their school performance. The type of medication prescribed and your child’s dosage may be refined several times to find just the right treatment.

He may also recommend behavior therapy, depending on your child’s age and symptoms. With the expert treatment offered at Lake Area Pediatrics, you can rest assured that your child’s ADHD is managed and their ability to fit in and work at school can improve.

Dr. Fershtman follows your child’s response to treatment closely, requiring follow-up visits every three months. This ensures your child gets the best possible treatment.

If you suspect ADHD and school failure are affecting your child, call Lake Area Pediatrics or book an evaluation online today.

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