Well Child Exams

Our Well Child exams are instrumental in maintaining the health of your child, catching behavior and development concerns before they become problems, and ensuring your child is off to the very best start in life.

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Well Baby Visits

  • Newborn Hospitalization- Admission history & physical, daily hospital visits, optional male circumcision, discharge examination & instructions.
  • 1 week- checkup, neonatal metabolic screening (heelstick blood test)
  • 1 month- checkup
  • 2 month- checkup, vaccines
  • 4 month- checkup, vaccines
  • 6 month- checkup, vaccines
  • 9 month- checkup, complete blood count to check for anemia (fingerstick blood test)
  • 12 month- (Has to be on or after the first birthday) checkup, vaccines
  • 15 month- checkup, vaccines
  • 18 month- checkup, vaccinations only if your child is behind

Well Child Visits

  • 2 years- checkup, optional Hepatitis A #1 (Hepatitis A #2 given 6-12 months later)
  • 3 years- checkup (Hep A #2)
  • 4 years- (Has to be on or after the 4 th Birthday) checkup, hearing & vision screen, vaccine boosters
  • 5 years- checkup, Review for Kindergarten readiness
  • 6-8 years- yearly checkups

Well Pre-Adolescent and Adolescent Visits

  • 9-18 years- yearly checkups
  • Chicken pox vaccine (if no history of chicken pox)
  • Hepatitis B Series if not already given
  • Cholesterol screen, CBC, and urine dip at 14 years
  • Optional Gardasil series against Human Papilloma Virus for males and females
  • Prior to 7th grade only: Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) booster, Menactra
  • 10 yr vaccine against meningococcal meningitis


A physical includes a head to toe exam, review of past illnesses, refills of maintenance medications, developmental and speech screening, vaccinations (if due), and a growth check on the growth chart. Starting at age 4, blood pressure readings are checked with the yearly physical.